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Ladies and gentlemen, last day in Maghreb! I guess the little stop at Jemaa El Fna was not enough to enjoy the morroccan atmosphere. Today we're getting some more with MAROC, VOYAGES AUTOUR DU MONDE (Philips P70.743 L) Though this LP is from 1960 all the recordings have been done in the 50's by Jean Mazel (who spent most of his career recording audio and video documents in Morocco, mostly for BAM records).
It's quite interesting to mention that the second side of this record have been previously released as a 10 inch record in 1955 under the name of FEERIE SUD MAROCAINE (Philips B76.048 R). The recording features comments in french by Jean Mazel himself and have been award winner of "Grand Prix Du Disque" in France.
This LP record have lots in common with the pervious post though it focuses more on the traditionnal music of the Middle and Grand Atlas (south of the country). The back cover features a text in both french and english to get more into it. A great record for sure!
Le grand Ahouach de Telouet
(the great Ahouach of Telouet)
Flûte pastorale du Moyen Atlas
(Middle Atlas pastoral flute)
Ahidous d'El Hadjeb
(Ahidous of El Hadjeb)
Choeurs des Ait Hadidou
(Ait Hadidou choir)
La caravane du Caïd
(Caïd's caravan)
Les hommes des tribus
 (Tribe mens)
Tambourins et pipeaux
(Tambourines and pipes)
Chants et danses à Ighboula
(Ighboula songs and dances)
Les mendiants bienheureux de Moulay Yakoub
 (Moulay Yakoub blissfull beggars)
Les charmeurs de serpents
(Snake charmers)
La Guedra de Goulimine
(Guedra of Goulimine)

cover of the 1955 10' version

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