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Ladies and Gentlemen, good news today, the engine has been repaired and we hope that now all will be fine! We're happy to continue our journey around Maghreb. Today we visit Morocco, home of great music and some of the finest food in all Africa.
People and music at Jemaa El Fna

Here the food and music owns a lot to the various cultures and traditions you can find all around the country (Berbers, Gnawa, people from the mountains...). Great that you can find most of those cultures mixing together at night at Jemaa El Fna place in Marrakech. Today, we have CHANTS ET DANSES DU MAROC (le chant du monde LDY 4148). Some interesting recordings by Maurice Benitah (who did a bunch of other recordings for LCDM in Morocco in the 60's) This record gives us a nice view around Jemaa El Fna's atmosphere. I guess, the tracklist says it all... 
Our crew hope you'll enjoy the stay.
Ambiance De La Place Jamaa El-Fna 
(atmosphere at Place Jemaa El Fna)
Chanteurs Et Danseurs Gnaoua 
(Gnawa Singers and dancers) 
Charmeur De Serpents 
(snakes charmer) 
Chanteur De La Montagne  
(singer from the mountain)
Orchestre Marrakchi
(Marrakchi orchestra)
Orchestre Berbère Et Danseurs D'Amizmiz
(Berber orchestra and Amizmiz dancers)
Complainte Du Berger À La Flûte
(Shepherd's flute)
Appel Du Muezzin Au Coucher Du Soleil
(sunset Muezzin call for prayer)

Snakes charmers
If you got a chance to find it, Sublime Frequencies released a DVD on the subject a while ago called "Jemaa El Fna: Morocco's Rendez-vous of the Dead".

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