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Salam aleikoum!
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking! We are now arriving in North Africa, we'll spend the next weeks travelling through Maghreb and Egypt. We really hope you are in a mood for dancing because we are!

I'm very happy to spend some time here! The music is really gorgeous and it reminds me of my young years when I could spend hours near the maghrebian tapes stands at local market. They where pumping their loud sound all around, mixing with coriander and spicy smells...
We'll start our journey with CHANTS ET DANSES DES PAYS ARABES (musidisc 30-CV-1378 from 1976), a wonderfull LP by Abdu El Hamid and his orchestra. They forgot to tell us where those musicians are from on the cover and made quite a bunch of misspelling errors. Otherwise they did a pretty good introduction job with traditionnal and popular songs from Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt: Men and woman vocals, darbuka and other percussions, banjo, mandolin, violin and flutes... Don't break your back trying to belly dance, we need you in good shape for next week!

01 LOTARAF MIN HIBBEK (if you knew who love you)
02 DANSE RAGSA MASRIA (Ragsa Masria dance) Egypt
 03 CHANT DU LABOUREUR (plowman's song) Egypt
04 HASEN, YA HSSEIN (Hussein the great) Egypt
05 AVEC TOI (with you) Algeria
06 DALAMOUNI (they humiliated me)
07 CONSCIENCE (conciousness) Tunisia
08 MALOUF (traditionnal) Tunisia
09 ANA OU ANTI, ANTI OU ANA (you and me, me and you) Tunisia
10 MATA NESTAHIRON (when will I rest?) Algeria
11 AIR DE MA PROVINCE (song from my district) Algeria

Alternative covers
Belly dancer
 You can read a brief history of belly dance here

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