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excerpt from a Daniel Johnston drawing
Allwright folks! I hope we did not forget any passengers in Vietnam... Anyway, we got a sweet little postcard from Texas today. I found it back while cleaning the mess in the cockpit... You would not belive all the great stuff you can in find there!

Cat Chamber live (2006)
Today we got this sweet "demo" CDR from CAT CHAMBER (2006). We got no cover, no info, not even song tittles. Just 21 home made tracks by a little girl and her dad. Lo-fi folk style with 6 years old kid lyrics, funny talks in between and dad on guitar (and a bunch of other stuff sometime). In the mood of Daniel Johston and the Moldy Peaches. More than the music itself, it's always great to see a dad spending time with his kid on creative projects! I found them a while ago and asked for some music, so I got this CD. I guess there are not much of it out of the neighborhood... I hope you'll enjoy!

21 unknown tracks

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