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"back in the USSR"
Today, to stay in the mood of our visit of Vietnam, we got a postcard from USSR. I don't have much clue about this 10 inch record (probably from the 60's). I guess some russian people who like to fly around with us could maybe give us more informations about this. Feel free to post in the comment section...


What we got here is not like the usual soviet recordings of the same period I know. Various styles, instrumentals with bold balalaïka and strings, folk songs with woman vocals and a great vocal emsemble, nice oriental feeling on some parts. Not my usual kind of music shopping but I could not resist the sweet cover... Sure a great pick for 50 cents.

Sample ussr by kadaotonkao
 By the way, feel free to have a look at soviet era art brut by Alexander Lobanov 
(his story is pretty interesting too).

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