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Hi There!
Today, we got a postcard asking about the name of our airline company: KADAO TON KAO.
Well, it come from one of our captain's biggest addiction: LUK THUNG ISAN! As Peter from Monrak Pleng Thai easily guessed (he is one the specialists of the subject), it's the tittle of a song by one of our favourite Isan singer, miss Hongthong Dao'Udon!

This song talks about the time shared together under the «kadao» tree and sad memories of love lost... Also, the fruits of this tree are very bitter and are used in cooking recipes in many south east asian countries.

As we're just flying over Isan this time (next top will be Vietnam) I guess it's time to watch TWO FACES OF THAILAND (A MUSICAL PORTRAIT, 1983), a great documentary directed by Jeremy Marre (who released many music documentaries for the BBC).
Better than talking about it... 


“Ladies and gentlemen, captain speaking. I’d like to direct your attention to the television monitor. We will be showing TWO FACES OF THAILAND and would like the next hour of your complete attention.”

Next stop: Vietnam

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