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KTK01: TAHITI FOLKLORE (Tiare Tahiti Records)

Tahiti in the 50's
We sure have to start our trip somewhere so let's start home... in France. Today we have some great tunes from the island of Tahiti (french polynesia).TAHITI FOLKLORE, 1962 (TT-8230) is one of the great recordings by Gaston Guilbert who was one of the precursors of tahitian cinema (Tahiti Films) and audio recordings (Tiare Tahiti Records). Gaston Guilbert released his first 78' record in early 50's and was the first to put out 7' and 12' records in Tahiti. You can find him and his friend Yves Roche hiding Behind many good records.
In this great LP, you'll find an awesome mix of traditionnal and folk music from various bands (no credits available), some sweet tropical rocking tunes and very good polyphonic ensemble...
Our crew seems to enjoy the stay so you can expect to get some more tahitian delights very soon.

01 MIKI MIKI (filo)
02 TETEA (filo)
03 POROHITI (filo)
04 ARAVE AROHE (bimbo)
05 TU'O NOARARA (poanere)
06 SUSUA UA REKA (mohi)
07 TE REVA ITI (himene)
08 VA IAUTEA (trad. paoa)
09 E TAU'E (trad. paoa)
10 TOFA (mohi)
11 VAITAPE (matapo)
12 VAIROTA (trad. ute)
13 OTEA (trad. ute)



  1. Seems to be a very nice airline...

    I'll join you on that trip : )

    great start!

  2. yes thanks, I'll need the headphones please

  3. You can ;-) Do you know how to drive this?

  4. this looks to be a great blog, very excited!
    can i ask the significance of the title? i assume it's from the hongthong dao'udon song, but does the phrase have a special meaning for you? it would translate into english as "old neem tree", i think?

  5. Very pleased to have you around Peter! I'll soon post something to explain about it... sure it have a personnal meaning ;-)

  6. great, i'm looking forward to it!


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