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tahitian fire dance
 All right folks, captain speaking...
This is our last day in Tahiti and it seems like Joel and his band made us a little surprise. They'll play for us the july festival traditionnal music and dances at night, on the beach! They been awarded for that show so our crew guess you'll have a good time. JOEL ET SON GROUPE FOLKLORIQUE, MAEVA TAHITI (manuiti 3073) has been recorded in 1967 and is mostly made of traditionnal music (+ a bunch of trax by Yves Roches and Eddy Lund... We'll sure talk about them in our next trip to polynesian Islands). Heavy drums, choir, guitars and ukulele and their famous "fire dance". Happy party music, fast and dancy tunes (30 songs in 30minutes!). We hope you enjoyed our stay here...

We'll soon continue our musical trip to other places but we'll sure fly over Tahiti again very soon for various points of view on modern tahitian folk music. Don't forget your passport.
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By the way, don't forget to have a look at Paul Gauguin's tahitian paintings.

Sample by kadaotonkao

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