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น้ำอ้อย พุ่มสุข / เพลงอมตะชุดพิเศษ
Ladies & gentlemen, sorry for the little delay, today we'll continue our trip in Thailand with some gorgeous music! If you enjoyed the last post, you'll sure love this one as it's really in the same mood!

Though she is not really famous and seemed to had a short career NAMOI PHUMSUK gives us a woderfull recording with PLENG AMATA CHUT PHISET (ROTA  RT-5177, late 70's). 
Just like last week we'll get everything that makes 70's luk thung amazing: lots of musicians, a large «tropical» rythm section, influences from disco and funk, some instruments additions such as piano, flutes and strings and the delicious bitter sweet voice of Namoi Phumsuk.

Namoi Phumsuk was born in Nakhon Ratchasima, Isan. Though she was pretty sucessfull in singing contest it seems like some more ambitious rivals got she success she would have deserve. Her career doesn't seem to have been very long (I don't have a clue about how many records she released but i'd love to get some more for sure).

All I know is she stopped to sing a long time ago and that you should start to dance right after the firsts seconds of this little gem !!!
01. สั่งดาว (sang dao)
02. ขาดเพื่อนเยือนใจ (khat phuean yuean chai)
03. แฟนใคร (faen khrai)
04. ดาวรุ่ง (dao rung)
05. อกดาว (ok dao)
06. ดอกไม้ร่วงที่แม่ริม (dok mai ruang thi mae rim)
07. รอดาว (ro dao)
08. ไร้คู่ (rai khu)
09. เดือนเคียงดาว (duean khiang dao)
10. จะเป็นดาวดี (cha pen dao di)
11. คอยเธอที่ลุ่มน้ำ (khoi thoe thi lum nam)
12. ดาวเรือง (dao rueang)

See you next week for the last part of this trip.

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