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แวว มยุรา (ห้องนอนคนจน)
Last week we started our little trip around Thailand's luk thung with a lovely tape from Hongthong Dao’Udon who had some up and downs in her life, today’s tape is a real drama…
WAEW MAYURA: "HONG NON KHON CHON" (Saha Kuang Heng records, late 70's early 80's) Is a wonderfull late 70’s luk thung recording, it’s quite in the same mood as last week with some deep and bitersweet wonderfull tropical songs influenced by some funky disco rythms. One of those tape you’ll listen again and again for sure!

Sayan Sanya tapes featuring Waew Mayura
If I picked this tape today it’s not only because I love it but also because Waew Mayura was a close friend of  the legendary Sayan  Sanya who just died from a cancer last week, they worked together many times and she is featured on many of his 70’s recordings. One of the songs from today's tape is probably about him "songsan Sayan mao" (about a sad man who lost his lover and get drunk). Also some of the songs she sings on this tape where originaly written for Sayan Sanya as you can see on this vintage video:

Aged of  only 10 years Waew Mayura win a local singing contest in Uthai Thani (not far from Suphanburi, central Thailand, the mecca of luk thung). She soon becomes a member of a luk thung troup and  starts to tour and record some songs. Sadly, the band have some debts issues and split up… Later, Waew Mayura join Sayan Sanya’s troup and get married to one of his close friends and once again, sadness is around, her husband get killed. Ruinned she tried to put up her own troup but this project ends up in major debts. Totaly ruined she have to sell all her belongings...
She killed herself at the age of 30. She left us a bunch of wonderfull songs filled up with her deep melancholic voice. Note that few of her works have been re editied as cds.
I hope you’ll really enjoy this tape! We’ll sure ear more from Waew Mayura sooner or later…


01. ห้องนอนคนจน (hong non khon chon)
02. คนชื่อเดือน (khon chue duean)
03. สงสารสายัณห์เมา (songsan sayan mao)
04. รักหนุ่มสุพรรณ (rak num suphan)
05. หลีกทางรัก (lik thang rak)
06. เธอจ๋าอยู่ไหน (thoe cha yu nai)
07. ไปไม่ลา (pai mai la)
08. ตะวันลับฟ้า (tawan lap fa)
09. ทูลหัวของแม่ (thun hua khong mae)
10. บ้านนอกในกรุง (ban nok nai krung)
11. ลุ่มเจ้าพระยา (lum chao phraya)
12. น้ำท่วมรักทิ้ง (nam thuam rak thing)
13. ฉันเหมือนเดิม (chan muean doem)
14.ดีกันดีกัน (di kan di kan)

Ping pong today... 
Monrak Pleng Thai just followed this post with another tape by Waew Mayura...

Thanks to Thani for the precious help!


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