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PART6: CTRL C / TRANSLATE / CTRL V: "james leonard mitchell"

If during the last 10 years the word “molam” seems to have spread all around the world, helped by the devotion of “super heroes”, “cultural saviors”, “music specialists” and other self pretending "geniuses of experimental music". It's strange to note that none of those “experts” ever showed a point of view anywhere close to accurate and that they remain totally unknown in the molam scene...

In this serie documenting THE BIGGEST SCAM IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC. I document each steps of the development of a FAKE MOLAM and ESAN MUSIC business as well as all the people who started such neo-colonialist business, those who lead it and those who take advantage and promote it. Racism, denigration, mythomania, uninhibited colonialism... Not only self promoted but also spread by reputed media in newspapers, magazines, TV documentaries even some publications by universities...
"james leonard mitchell"

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