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Ladies & gentlemen, today is mardi gras! What a great opportunity to celebreate with some French Caribbean carnival music...

This month, we'll enjoy various styles in the same "party" mood: a steal band, some late 70's biguine with various influences and today a big ensemble featuring 20 dancers and 10 musicians and singers with LES BALLETS MARTINIQUAIS: BELLE MARTINIQUE NOUS A! (Desse DDLX186 from 1980).

In the 60's and 70's Les Ballets Martiniquais have left their islands to travel the world and promote their culture all around, they been awarded many times for their show. This time they made a stop in Paris for an amazing studio recording that keep all their live energy. This record is an explosion of joy and happiness mixed with sunshine! An heavy rythm section, some subtle trumpets and clarinets... Some instrumental parts and also lots of vocalists singing in  delicious Kreyol a mix of songs from the folklore and some furious carnival hits at the end of this Lp...

Get some rhum, a lime or two, some cane sugar
and call some friends, it's party time!
See you next week.


  1. Hey Mr Astro, haven't seen you on Slsk in a while. Thanks for this! All the best for your planet exploration ventures, M

    1. Sorry Likedeeler, I now have only a little access to internet so I had to stop updating this page for a while.
      Funny you mention Ba moin an tibo as I planned to upload a few other records featuring different takes on this popular song...

    2. Thanks again for the great Tahitian adventures, especially the Eddie Lund Christmas and Make Mine Tahitian. Hope you're doing good and if you need any help with the site, I'll do what I can.

      Steve in California

      PS-the 49ers are playing horrible this year!

    3. Hi Steve, I sadly can't continue this page anymore right now as my computer and connection are too weak here, I hope to be abble to start a new page anytime soon focucing on south east asian music...
      btw, i fou nd some mahori and some sweet tapes from Fiji Island here in bankok, I hope to have a chance to post those anytime soon

  2. Listening to it right now. Wow! Extremely nice music, standards (Ba moin an tibo, for example) and all else have a lightfooted, jazzy groove.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hi kadao! just checking in to see if all is well?

    i really hope you find a good internet connection soon!

    this is one of my favorite blogs. sad to see you're not active anymore.

    i've discovered a lot of really great music from your blog.

    1. hi, thanks for the comment, I just got my own 3g connection today, so far it's a disaster, I have a few hundred tapes that I should start to convert into mp3 as soon as i can and a few hundred records back home that I haven't listen more than a minute each. nowadays I spend my free time hunting for music and going to concerts as much as I can and I practice my thai I also have some projects related to music going on. If I get some time, I'll be back with a new blog focucing on south east asian music,if it happen, I'll post a link on this page.

  5. bonsoir,
    ce blog est arreté?
    comment telecharger, je ne vois pas de liens

    1. salut POl
      Plus les moyens techniques pour continuer en ce moment, il te suffit de suivre "tracklist".
      bonne journée


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