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KTK44: "DECADE HITS" (BOLLYWOOD 70's) part 6

Ladies & gentlemen, this is NOT your captain speaking!
The captain is going to be busy for a little while and better than stopping our journey he prefered to set things to "auto-pilot".

During the next few weeks, we'll continue to fly around but we'll make things more simple with "digital" instead of our usual vinyl trips. Things will get back to normal as soon as possible...

This week we get some Bollywood music from the 70's, 100 tracks best of from a DVD (cut in 7 parts). Today is PART 6

 Thanks for flying with KTK


  1. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but there's absolutely no way to put a title on these songs or the last two entries either -- the track numbers don't correspond with what's on the album covers or tracklist, and, well, it's just impossible to know who's singing, what film it's from or the title of the song. Just sayin'.

  2. Hi,
    It seems like there have been a mistake but so far i did not ear anything like this from others. I just gave all the informations the cover gabve me (for the names it would take at least a full week to sort this out). I'm just back home and don't have much time right now but good news, more awesome and rare indian music comming soon...


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