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Ladies & gentlemen, today we continue our little trip into chinese music, we'll focus on chinese pop music.
Though I don't really like the idea of posting a mysterious tape without any informations and without the cover, that's what we'll have today! I could not resist to post this one.

We'll, I'm pretty sure we'll sure know a little more about this 80's singer as the tape was part of a "best of" collection edited by the Sino/Thai label Gold Medal Soundtrack (the cover and the tape match but it's obviously not the good cover) so it seems obvious that she was well known. (feel free to send me some additionnal informations).
Today, we got 18 sweet and sour tracks mixing various styles, Chinese and latin influences from time to time and a wide range of instruments both modern and traditional...

Let's enjoy it and wait for more informations if they happen.
See you next week to continue our little trip.

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  1. Lovely sample! Downloading now ... thanks so much!


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