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KTK37: BALI-JAVA (musique folklorique du monde)

Ladies & Gentlemen, This week, we continue our short trip around South-East Asian music and, as last week, we'll enjoy some traditional buddhist percussions.

Today, we have a recording from the prolific ethno musicologist Deben Bhattacharya who produced more than 100 recordings from all around the world (plus numerous books and movies) about various musical traditions. This time he was in Indonesia for the "Musique folklorique du monde" series with: BALI-JAVA (Musidisc 30 CV 1110 from the 60's).
Indonesia is one of the countries in the world that have the most amazing amount of highly interesting musical cultures. This is due to it's particular topography made of thousands of islands and also of the mix of various religious cultures and a large amount of different ethnies. It's not surprising that all the greatests traditional music labels released a huge amount of documents on Indonesian music over the years!

This week's recording focuces on the Gamelan percussion orchestras from Bali and Java (though no infomations are given on the cover to tell us more about witch ones are from Bali or Java and the particularity of each track).
One sure thing is that Lp is perfect to follow last week's music we heard from Northern thailand! Enjoy...


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