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Ladies & gentlemens, it's been a while since we got our last postcard. I'm pretty sure it was worth waiting as this time it will work as a time tarvelling machine for most people, taking you back to your childhood... 

Today is party time with the GREAT CIRCUS ORCHESTRA, "LA GRANDE PARADE DU CIRQUE" (Disques Vogue, SLVLX 432 late 60's recording). I was pretty happy when I first played this record I recently found at a freezing flea market. 

It sounds really authentic and you can feel the atmosphere. There is a great orchestra directed by Jack Jay covering some circus classics and playing some creations all that surrounded by the live atmosphere, applauses, happy screams, and some noises from the show. If you add to that, some great vintage photos inside the gatefold cover and a foreword by Achile Zavatta (a french leader of a famous circus familly) it makes a pretty interesting document and a pleasant listening... 

Grab some popcorns or make some pancakes for everybody and enjoy!

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