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Mr Maurice Alcindor
Ladies & gentlemen, we are now arriving at Fort de France, Martininique. We're starting a little journey around Caribbean islands / West Indies. It's going to be a short trip but we'll get a pretty good view around many places: Guadeloupe, Haiti, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Trinidad-and-Tobago and today Martininique.

Our host Mr Maurice Alcindor is a legend here: stand up comedian, singer, radio Dj and even if he retired from RFO radio in 2010 (at the age of 80!) he still happen to sing in concerts. Today we'll enjoy "PILULE / OUVE LA POTE LA BA MOIN" (Célini Disques RCG 5041, early 70's). Celini Disques where pretty active at this time, putting up many lp's and ep's from all the islands around (most of the time with those highly recognisable rough  hand drawn covers. It's interesting to note that they released a 2 volumes compilation CD of some of those recordings "Souvenirs Creoles" (1964/1978).

So, here we have 2 great biguine songs backed with a great "jazzy band", it's an hot, spicy, dancy and quite funny Ep (well, funny if you can understand a little this delicious kreyol language from French Antilles). As quite often here the lyrics are about "love". Understand, sex, couple troubles and other things that can lead to funny songs. "Pilule" is about free birth control pills (that just came out at this time) and "Ouvé la pote la ba moin" about a man locked out who begs his lover to let him in and promise to be a good man...


The photos comes from the movie BIGUINE by Guy Deslauriers (2004)
it seems to be pretty interesting...

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