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"Ladies & gentlemen..."
That's not the echo of last week's ballet music that you ear now... It's just the "part 2" of THE WHITE-HAIRED GIRL...Today, you'll  enjoy the second part of the most popular "modern revolutionnary ballet" of China.

THE WHITE-HAIRED GIRL (China Record Company M-938 from 1971). This 10' record is the part 2 of a 2 lp's set (we talked about the first LP last week). It also come with a booklet (included here). It's quite nice I found this early seventies set compete and in good shape, it's a great piece of cultural history of china and the cover is pretty sweet (so bad the booklet does not include any pictures).

Don't expect anything surprising out of those 2 lp's, it's the full deal as you can expect from those kind of propaganda ballets: High quality on all levels! full luxurious orchestra, powerfull chorus and great lead singers who gets this ballet close to contemporary "musicals"... Well, you won't be disappointed.

Adapted by: 
"The White-Haired Girl" Ballet troupe of the Shanghai School of Dancing
Music played by the school's orchestra.
Conductor: Chen Hsieh-yang
- Chorus
- Chu Feng-po (female solo)
- Chien Yung-ho (male solo)

There is a serie of 70's lo-fi style
silkscreen prints online about:

 See previous post for "part 1"

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  1. "At the Sight of the Enemy, My Anger Soars," really is strangely compelling. It's a terrific track, but also reminds me a bit of the last days of a relationship I was in with a Chinese woman, when the sight of me made her anger soar. Adorable and furious are a strange combination, but wow. Thanks for the memories.


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