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Ladies & gentlemen...
It seems like our last week's little "trip around China" has been enjoyed by many of our passengers, that's great! Today, you'll have to dress very smart as we're going to enjoy one of the most popular "modern revolutionnary ballet" of China.

THE WHITE-HAIRED GIRL (China Record Company M-937 from 1971). This 10' record is the part 1 of a 2 lp's set (but don't worry, we'll get the second part very soon). It also come with a booklet (included in next post). It's quite nice I found this early seventies set compete and in good shape, it's a great piece of cultural history of china and the cover is pretty sweet (so bad the booklet does not include any pictures).

Don't expect anything surprising out of those 2 lp's, it's the full deal as you can expect from those kind of propaganda ballets: High quality on all levels! full luxurious orchestra, powerfull chorus and great lead singers who gets this ballet close to contemporary "musicals"... Well, you won't be disappointed.

Adapted by: 
"The White-Haired Girl" Ballet troupe of the Shanghai School of Dancing
Music played by the school's orchestra.
Conductor: Chen Hsieh-yang
- Chorus
- Chu Feng-po (female solo)
- Chien Yung-ho (male solo)

There is a detailed drescription online 
if you want to learn more about:

  To be continued...

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